Evangelia Pitsou on Hydra

Hydra island

Hydra island


​Hydra is is a medieval looking island ,with no traces of the business of the world, just donkeys and horses for transportation.So the soundscape is beyond words. It is an ideal place, to deepen into stillness, being supported by nature and its elements.

There are so many opportunities, to have a variety of means, leading to this longing to surrender. It is up to you, how you want to structure your time here.
You can dive directly, with no other aim into this blissful state and deepen into it, having no other desire but to stay present 24/7. In other words, make yourself available, the rest is not up to you.

Or you can combine your stay here with your holiday, with this wish of identity shift.By the way ,free time can be a beautiful opportunity to deepen into stillness. So lots of choices , depending on your priority, that which is the most important issue in your life.


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