greek archaic opening of the heart

greek archaic opening of the heart

Evangelia Pitsou

Everything is vibration and through vibration everything is connected“

Hello dear ones, Evangelia is my name, an artist and soundhealer.
Ancient sounds flow to your soul from me to you .These are sounds that found me many years ago and have stayed with me ever since. They sound like an archaic language whose vibrations flow into the deep layers of the soul. They give you the opportunity to expand your heart space, and they can help you to resonate with the life that you are and with the whole universe, something that nature can do on its own.

I make sure to stay connected at all times. That is my only task, so that life itself with its sounds and movements can find expression in me. A multidimensional current that is available for all people flows through me, and I no longer act from the mind. So I don’t sing any songs, but the sounds and touches arise all by themselves in every encounter. It is a language of the universal heart, which is all-encompassing and infinite, and with which merging is happening.

If you agree, I will accompany you on a journey. At the very end of this journey you have the opportunity to let go of everything, to create space, to experience your innermost core and to remember: to perceive the eternal silence, beyond space and time, indestructible and eternal. The sound of two stones guides me through your chakras like a lantern. In this way, any blockages may be loosened or completely dissolved.

If the question “Who am I really“ interests you, then this session can help you to approach this question.

If you are also willing to slowly free yourself from what you believe you are, leave your comfort zone and dare to leave everything behind, and make a new acquaintance with yourself, I will be happy to support you.

If your state of mind can slowly be transformed into true bliss regardless of what is happening and your longing knows no turning back, you are in good hands here.

If you want to get to know the word “yes” again, the trust in this moment then…

You can start to listen to your own heart.


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